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"I can't say enough good things about Melissa Hooven. She understands the pulse of the LA technology scene and the cast of characters leading the technology charge. Melissa has proven to be a valuable recruitment resource for me time and time again.  Melissa builds career-long relationships with those folks who help fuel the innovations we are all proud of. "

-Josh Brooks, SVP Brand Strategy and Marketing @ JamCity


"Melissa and I go back a decade and over 3 companies.  She is extremely talented at recruiting great teams, both engineers and management, and offers tremendous insight into a broad range of HR issues, from compensation to organizational design.  She is really well connected with the SoCal tech scene and is respected by both engineers and tech management.  She is a consummate professional who understands the intricate world of engineering staffing in SoCal and the changes that are happening in the last few years. She works very hard to understand the culture of your company, and manages to find highly qualified people who can work well with your team. Melissa has a deep network and is great at finding the right candidate for the positions.  Every position Melissa has filled for me has been a home run.  Best of all, she's great to work with.  She is genius."

-Azat Aslanyan, CTO @ AXS Digital @ AEG


"Melissa is extremely integrated into the LA Tech community.  This level of connectivity combined with her years of proven success in recruiting and development gives her unprecedented access to the companies, people and employment opportunities that make up the LA Tech scene."

-Chip Cassady, Chief Revenue Officer at 420Tech