Launch34 works with your needs and offers a multitude of solutions to elevate your company to the next level.

There is always a secret ingredient to success, why not have it be your TALENT.


Key hires

We focus on strategic placements that will  help further your company’s goals.  We specialize in Director, VP, and C-Suite placements across all disciplines.


Volume Recruiment

We can help any company through large volume recruitment plans. We can help  build the resources needed to facilitate your growth.


Interview training

We can activate a Full Behavioral Interview Training Program built around the STAR model.  Mock interviewing courses and ongoing training modules.  Great for new managers.

Org Chart development

We work with companies to understanding  hiring plans and budgets.  We incorporate phase hiring, KPIs, and Predictive Hiring methodologies.


Talent acquisition team 

We specialize in building Talent Acquisition teams for our clients.  We hire and train your recruitment team.  When our project work is done, we ensure your talent team stays to continue hiring.

Other Services Include:

  • Initial Hiring Plan & Fulfillment

  • Job Description Build

  • Talent Assessment

  • Top grading overview and assistance

  • Diversity Programs/ Recruiting


We review your internal processes and help select or incorporate your current ATS to today's best practices. We also review your advertising spend, selecting the best avenues for increased candidate flow.


Employer Branding

We align you to your talent market.  We identify key messaging, key talent pools, and the best tool sets for your organization.